How to Make the Most Out of Essay Phrases

The Importance of Essay Phrases

Of course, academic success turns out to depend on numerous factors such as a theme of an essay, the author’s writing skills and style, language and arguments used in a paper. Consistency and clarity of thought are sure to be keys to success as well.
But how to come up with a fine, well-reasoned and thought out piece of writing? Appropriate essay phrases will definitely help you to organize your essay in a good way. Indeed, there is a large number of generally accepted phrases, which can be implemented to link your ideas. If they are used correctly, your essay will be lucid, smooth and easy to read.

Essay Phrases: When to Use Them

From the previous paragraph it is crystal clear that transition phrases are commonly used to organize a mess of sentences into a meaningful and coherent text. But to implement these phrases effectively in your essays and other papers you should know when to use them. Below, the most common cases of their usage are enumerated and some examples are given.

If you need to open a new paragraph or to start a new argument: to begin with, to start the conversation rolling, as a result, accordingly, correspondingly, in this manner, evidently, etc.

If you want to develop your idea: furthermore, likewise, in addition, as well, similarly, indeed, in the same way.

To provide the reader with an illustration smoothly use the following phrases: for instance, for example, to illustrate this point, a typical example, mainly, especially, most importantly, etc.

If you are eager to demonstrate a contrast between 2 things: however, in comparison, in spite of, but, notwithstanding, although, conversely, on the other hand, alternatively, on the contrary.

To sum everything up you may use: all in all, to put it in a nutshell, overall, in final consideration, etc.

Brilliant Essay Phrases to Use in Your Papers

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There is a growing debate about

  • The basic concepts of are defined by this scholar
  • According to professor professor claims/states that
  • Before considering it is vital to notice
  • As these arguments suggest
  • It is also reasonable to take into consideration that
  • Despite all criticism this theory has a good deal of adherents
  • It can be seen from above analysis that
  • It might be concluded from this statement that

Helpful Hints on How to Use Phrases in Essays

In addition, to make the most out of all above-mentioned phrases and achieve the expected results follow the tips on how to use them properly in your papers.

Pay close attention to correct usage of the phrases.

It is more preferable to use all these phrases to start a new paragraph rather than a new statement.

Sometimes it is better to implement brief phrases rather than long ones.

Do not overuse transition phrases, as it may spoil everything.

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